Accepting Criticism is Vital to Success

There are a lot of people with opinions about almost everything in the world.  You see it everywhere from Food Critics, Basketball Analysts, Journalists, etc.  You can’t be sensitive and think people are going after you.  In some cases, this is true but majority of the time, it’s just people doing their jobs or needing something to talk about.  At some point in your life, somebody is going to tell you something you don’t like and you are going to have to deal with it in whatever way you take it.  Not all criticism is bad or good, so it depends on the way you take things people say about you.  No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, you take your missteps and learn from them.  Your character is defined by failure and how you take criticism because it’s going to happen one day.  

Sometimes, criticism is good because you as a person have to be honest with yourself.  You may think you’re doing great work but in reality, it’s not enough or barely at the minimum. One example is to look at how celebrities deal with criticism on a daily basis. Steph Curry of The Golden State Warriors is a 2-time Mvp, 4 Time All-Star, 2 NBA champion so he’s criticized a lot in the media. last year, people criticized him because he didn’t show up in-game 7 of the NBA Finals and the warrior lost because of it.  Fast Forward a year later to the 2017 finals, he let the world know he was back to being the steph we all know and love.  he scored  26 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 9.3 APG and won the championship in 5 games against the Lebron-led Cavaliers.  

He was criticized and came back stronger than ever. Criticism can be beneficial if you use it the right way.  Whatever you do in life, there will be critics and you have to decide to use their critique for motivation or berate yourself about what you did wrong and not doing the job you wanted.  Your Choice, My man.


36 thoughts on “Accepting Criticism is Vital to Success

  1. There are two types of criticism – constructive and projected. Constructive criticism is always a welcome comment which prompts you to be better at what you do. Projected criticism is a reaction of a person to what you have said or done. It is a rash remark and should be ignored. Honestly, if I were to be criticized, I’d always welcome the constructive kind.

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  2. It’s hard to accept criticism but as I have gotten older, I definitely welcome it. Not all criticism is constructive, but when it is, the best thing is to grow from it and become a better version of yourself in the process.

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  3. There is a difference between criticism and constructive criticism. If someone is criticizing you, you should try not to take it to heart and just find a way to turn what they are saying into something positive. But constructive criticism is an entirely different animal with the aim of helping you from the get go!

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  4. I definitely agree that constructive criticism is important to learn from. However, a lot of people just feel the need to criticize for the sake of it, it’s how we handle that criticism and how we use it to become better that defines our success.


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  5. In the past I didn’t like to hear criticism, but now it’s not a big deal. In fact, I’ve almost gone completely the other way and am always asking others for their feedback. I realized that if it’s coming from people I love, they have my best interests at heart and I can use it as an opportunity to grow

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  6. I think the topic of this post is so important and something everyone should read. Other people’s opinions do not define who you are. How you behave when you lose or when something doesn’t go your way speaks greater volumes than when you win. Especially in professional sports people are in a sense waiting for you to mess up and often times people will try to define you by that one moment but it is how you carry on from that.

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  7. Nobody likes to hear criticism if it is unfounded, but when it is constructive I think it’s a great thing! I love to hear criticism these days, I didn’t in the past, because it makes me more determined to succeed!

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  8. This is a powerful lesson that most people should listen to! I believe that the strongest and most successful people are those that have learnt to listen and act upon criticism because criticism is the most constructive kind of feedback that allows you to grow as a person! Great blog post – very thought provoking!

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