The Reason Basketball is a Important Aspect of My Life

For starters, It’s something I love to do and makes me happy at the same time. Ever since I seen Allen Iverson cross Tyronn Lue, I was hooked. I watched Basketball for 20 years now and it’s been awesome to say the least.  My Dream was and still is to be a NBA Player.  It’s been my childhood dream and when I  make it,  I will make a difference in My Family’s life and people around the world.  I want to use my platform to influence and inspire someone as well. I’m not afraid to say it, but I love basketball.  You know how people say” if you don’t know your future career plans, you better find out”, I already know my career and how to use in a manner to benefit others. To be honest, when I make it to the professional level( I will try to update you guys about the process) I will literally burst into tears because the journey was difficult, Nerve-Wrecking and faced with adversity throughout the way.  All the people who told me I couldn’t, wouldn’t or won’t, my family who supported all the way including my mom who always believes in my dreams, lastly to my friends or fans who had nothing but support and unconditional love for me.  I did it, and I did for y’all , never forget that.  I strictly promise to give back to my community, and never forget those who was by your side when others wasn’t. #IPromise  #Neverforget  #Ballislife  #FutureNBAPlayer  #MotivationalSpeakerinthemaking


31 thoughts on “The Reason Basketball is a Important Aspect of My Life

  1. It’s so good to read your posts and see how passionate and dedicated you are to the sport you love. I really wish you all the very best in achieving your dreams.

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  2. I agree with you, eventhough most of the people that grows and mature – shift their aspiration to something that they will gain or earn for future needs. I admire people that gives important to sports, not just because you wanted to play, something in a person fulfill if they continue that dream. Not to mention, its good for your health too.

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  3. Dude, if you really believe in yourself and willing to do whatever it takes to make it, never let anybody hold you down. Whenever people put you down, use it as fuel to motivate you. I’ve read a couple of your posts now and I can see a lot of my younger self in you..Keep it up and hope your dreams turn into your reality.

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  4. Involvement in athletics is such an important part of many peoples’ lives, they teach us so very much about life, hard work and being part of something larger than ourselves. Thanks for sharing your story and for vowing to always remember the community that helped you achieve your basketball goals. Good luck!

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  5. Great insights. I didn’t really grow up watching basketball, so it’s just not something I got into. Meanwhile I watched a lot of football and am obsessed with college football. So I think it really depends on how you were raised!

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  6. It’s so lovely to see someone so passionate about something and have it show through their work. I can tell you’re passionate about basketball and you want to show people why and inform them.

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  7. I wish you all the best! I like that you have your heart set on that goal and you are doing everything within your means to achieve it. Thank you for promising to give back. That is the most important thing – to share your blessings.

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  8. I wish you attain the goal you have set for yourself. I am happy to read about young people like you who are determined to succeed. I will look forward to watching you play in the NBA!

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  9. I hate watching sports, and I do not see the point, but that is just my personal opinion and taste. But for some reason I love basketball, I never thought about the reason for that though. I hi=ope your dreams will come true and I will see you playing for NBA.

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