The Underdog

People know this as someone who’s underestimated or overlooked. This applies to sports, life, business, etc. There’s always going to be someone who isn’t big for the standards we apply.  For example, in the 2011 NBA Draft, Isaiah Thomas was the 60th and last pick. He’s 5’9, but has a game that is too great to ignore. In the NBA, if you’re below 6 feet, it’s really hard to get through people or even stay in the league.  But Isaiah Thomas is different and special. He was doubted through his basketball career that he won’t make it, and he proved everyone wrong. 2- time All-Star, can’t debate that. Heart over Height always!


Tom Brady was picked in the 6th round by The New England Patriots in the 2000 NFL Draft. The rest is history, because you know the story.  5-time Super Bowl Champion,  12- time Pro Bowler, 2-time MVP, 4th in career touchdowns. The man is a living legend.  He’s still motivated by becoming a 6th rounder , it fuels his fire and it’s great to see. He didn’t let someone ‘s opinion or critique deprive him of becoming great. He doesn’t have to prove anything to nobody anymore, but it’s great he still uses his draft selection to keeping pushing for excellence. Many people in his position would forget about it and move on but not Tom Brady because he’s one the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. 


we love a good underdog story, and it’s great when that particular person overcomes the odds and achieves his or her goal. Never let anyone tell you can’t do something,  because nothing is impossible.


One thought on “The Underdog

  1. Wow didn’t know Tom Brady went so late in the draft. That makes his legacy that much better! Love seeing I.T. do his thing out there too incredible feat leading his team to the number 1 seed last year 🤙🏀

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