Derrick Rose: The Great One

From the city of Chicago, to the University of Memphis to the NBA, Derrick rose has been everywhere. He always had talent, great character & person. 3 time All-Star, MVP & Rookie of the year. Youngest MVP in NBA History. Injuries started to deteriorate his ability to a extent. One thing about Drose is he’s resilient & has that never give up attitude. The media doesn’t understand this. They see the injuries and say ”he’s washed up” or ”hes not valuable”, etc.  Yeah, he’s not the same as he was before. But, it doesn’t mean he can produce at a high level. He has dealt with obstacles & Adversity his whole life. This is nothing new to him. In closing, I have so much respect for Drose that i can’t explain. Keep doing your thing Drose, you got a huge fan in your corner. #StriveforGreatness.


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