Stephen Curry: The Baby Faced Assassin

Steph. ever since he was little, his basketball skills has been doubted time and time again. from high school to college, steph has been the smallest person on the court and that made him work extremely hard.  at first glance, you might think he is a kid because his face is soft and calming. He knows this too well and if you sleep on him, he’ll torch with his handles or shoot a three in your face. not one single offer until Davidson gave him one. they were getting a special player that no one took notice of.  3 years at davidson, he torched opponents with his unreal shooting and finishing. taken 7th in the 2009 draft, people still slept on him because of his size which is typical because at every level, he defeated every obstacle in his way. fast forward 4 years later, coming after a devastating ankle injury, in the offseason, he ramped his game to new and unseen heights. that season, he came out with a bang and surprised many people with his play.  became the MVP and won the NBA championship. 

Next season, became the MVP and won the NBA championship. not to mention, Steph set records for 3 pointers made, 402, 300, etc. even though they lost in the 2016 finals to the cavs, curry used the loss for motivation and came back like the steph we know and love.  this following june, they won the championship and it felt good.  In the Midst of all this, Steph has become one of the greatest point guards in the NBA, and one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. he no longer has to prove himself ever again.  Salute to you Steph, A NBA great and an inspiration to many.


16 thoughts on “Stephen Curry: The Baby Faced Assassin

  1. Not a big sports fan. However, this write up about Steph is definitely inspiring. Looks like someone who didnt let his failure define him and this is a mindset that can be applied to every aspect of life. Thanks for the nugget!

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  2. I don’t follow basket ball that much but it is always nice to read an inspiring success story. How Stephen Curry didn’t let his short coming s come on the way of his passion and confidence is amazing. There is a lot to learn for such life stories.

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  3. I don’t follow basketball as closely as racing, football, and hockey. However, it’s always inspiring to hear about an athlete who overcomes the odds and excels in something he or she is obviously gifted to do.

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