5 types of baggage you shouldn’t carry in life

I am collaborating with Katie Davies, a lifestyle, travel blogger. She is the first one to guest post on the blog.

As we move through life and have different experiences, we naturally acquire baggage.

Some of this baggage is favourable as it strengthens your character and ultimately makes you into a better person. However, other types of baggage are not so beneficial for your mental health.

In fact, if you want to live a life that’s full of positivity and joy, let go of these 5 types of baggage specifically.

1. Your Past

Firstly, hold on to the good times and great memories, for sure. However, don’t let a bad experience from your past rule your current situation.

Accept that it was a bad experience and try to move on. Whatever you do, avoid looking back because the majority of the time you can’t change the past.

Instead, live in the present and look forward to the future. After all, the future is unknown, which is what makes it so exciting!

2. Guilt

When you’re spending time alone or thinking at night just before you go to sleep, it’s easy to dwell on previous negative situations and punish yourself for how things went down.

It’s normal to feel like you behaved badly, regret what happened, and wish that you could go back and do things differently.

That said, it’s pointless having regrets in life. Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, there’s nothing you can do about them now so you simply must move forward.

3. Other People’s Mistakes

Similarly, you might be hanging onto the past wondering what could have been thanks to someone else’s wrongdoings. This could be anything from a boyfriend cheating on you to your best work friend sabotaging your chances of getting a promotion.

Keep in mind that you can’t control other people. It’s up to them how they want to behave and act, and all you can do is control how you react to their negativity.

If the person is important to you, forgive them and move on. Life’s too short to hold grudges.

And if they’re not relevant? Well, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye.

4. Expectations

Sure, it’s good to have certain expectations of others—just make sure that they’re not too high. 

After all, human beings aren’t perfect. We’re all fabulously flawed in our own way and sometimes we struggle to learn from our mistakes.

It’s important to set standards but it’s also important to be realistic. And the sooner you realise this, the better.

5. Negativity

Finally, always remember to look on the bright side of life.

Why? Well, life’s too short to focus on the negative.

No matter what’s happening at any time, try to see the good in the bad. Even if it feels like your whole world is collapsing due to a breakup or bereavement, for example, there’s always some light that you can see through the darkness.

Be grateful for what you do have instead of focusing on things you don’t have. I mean, you’re only on this planet for a short time. You might as well enjoy it while you can!

Letting Go of Unnecessary Baggage

The bottom line? Carrying around unnecessary baggage in life can severely affect your mental health, which can consequently affect your physical health seen as though they go hand in hand. 

Remember to hold onto what’s important and let go of anything that’s causing irrelevant issues—and you’re guaranteed to lead a happy, positive life.

Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern millennial. When she’s not sipping coffee, shopping, or exploring a new city, you’ll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at https://trendytourist.co.uk.

Thanks for the wisdom and content, Katie!

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14 thoughts on “5 types of baggage you shouldn’t carry in life

  1. This is such a great post! It is full of great hints and tips. Thank you so much for sharing and I can’t wait to read future guest posts!

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  2. Baggage indeed is not good to carry along because it weighs you down and prevent you from getting to your destination. It is especially guilt that prevents you from doing anything at all. Good read and lesson.

    Liked by 1 person

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