Hoopers Dreams

I Collaborated with Spencer Karlson, from Hoopers Highlights. This is a guest post from him.

For any young basketball players out there who want to make it to the big leagues, the NBA, the WNBA, don’t give up. If you have a dream you should go for it with all you have no matter what. Giving up should never even cross your mind.

Because when you are 90 years old and thinking back on your life at least you can say you tried, even if it didn’t happen you did more than most do. You tried to form your dream into reality and that is so special.

Stay in the gym perfecting your basketball skills, admiring the all time greats and dreaming of what could one day be reality if you work your but off every day, every week, for years. Basketball should not be a sport or a hobby but a lifestyle.

Never be satisfied and keep pushing your dream into reality. Giving up leads to regret and regret leads to unhappiness so if basketball makes you happy, play basketball.

Getting buckets is calming for many people and even if you don’t make a million dollars from it at least the game makes you happy. 

His Website: https://hoopershighlights.com/

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