The G-League and The NCAA

As of late, Many top basketball recruits announced their plans to play in the G-League.

This was a surprise to a lot of people in the basketball community, who expected the players to go to Highly touted college basketball programs.

Recently, The NCAA started a plan to allow D1 student athletes to profit off their name and likeness.

I don’t know the full details, but from doing my own research, reports from ESPN and sports columnists, there still is a limit to where athletes can fully enjoy the benefits of a being playing collegiate sports.

More power to the players. This situation has been going on for years and now the players( the people responsible for the universities revenue) can profit from their play.

The NCAA has arrived way too late on this issue. Too Late SMH. Don’t try to take credit for it when you could’ve just done it. In the World of Capitalism, People only care about making money. That’s the truth.

The NCAA is a billion-dollar company.

Athletes are the ones who bring in the revenue for the university/college. Yet, they are the ones that are not compensated for their efforts. People respond with the “full scholarship pays everything and they go to school for free”.

Board and room, tuition is paid for , yes. But, the meal plan isn’t guaranteed.

So, if you are hungry and want to eat and go to the cafeteria in your school, and its closed, what do you do? Go to bed hungry and wait for it to open tomorrow or ask someone for assistance for food?

It is a tough situation to be in and knowing that as an athlete, you have to perform at your best when game time comes.


Read the line above again.

The Full Scholarship part is false.

For Causal fans and people who don’t know and watch basketball, The G-League is an alternative league where players can play and get called up to an NBA team. It is not as easy as you think it is. Not everyone who plays in the G-League will get an opportunity to play in the NBA. People are grinding their lives to an NBA player and you will have to find a way to maneuver them to get the chance to become one.

The average salary for a G-league player is 35,000.

Take that into consideration.

Recently, The G-League announced a Pathway Program for Elite Basketball Prospects that will pay the players 500,000 dollars and a one year development program out of the minor league’s traditional team structure. Don’t be fooled by the 500,000 because with taxes, agent fees, insurance, it will most likely be around 200,000.

It’s still great but not how others are projecting it to be.

Everyone who is a basketball player wants to accomplish their NBA dreams and if they are ready to make that jump from high school to the NBA, they should do it.

To the people in other careers too: If you’re good at what you do as a living and want to pursue at a higher level, go for it. Only good things can from it if you try.

#Ballislife #Buckets

20 thoughts on “The G-League and The NCAA

    1. Hi, this was an interesting read. I never heard of the G League. Best to those who pursue that route. As for paying college athletes, I totally disagree. And it is not just because they have a full scholarship (which includes a meal plan), but it is also because they have a lot of other perks that other students do not have access to, including: free tutoring, the best medical care and training facilities, paid travel all around the world, and they get to play on TV and display their talents to the world. Yes, they are broke during college but so is everyone else who does not get to do half of the things that they get to do. I went to Michigan State, one of the premiere college basketball programs. Those athletes have a world-class student athlete center where they get academic support that other students don’t have access to at all. Graduating debt free is a huge bonus.

      This discussion is all for naught, anyway, with the pandemic. Now they will be playing in empty arenas and colleges won’t be making as much. Now will they be happy?


  1. This is quite informative! It seems helpful for the athletes, but like Robinsnet1970 said above, university athletes are already getting a full scholarship and have advantages over other students and paying them a wage would be unfair for those working academically hard who had no interest in sports.

    Loren | Plaid + Sugar


  2. Really interesting read. Never heard of the G league. I think the problem we have with college athlete compensation is that they do get the majority of the scholarships. We both graduated with top honors in college, yet didn’t receive scholarships. At the same time, there were athletes with 2.0s with full rides. Colleges need to do a better job overall though, considering administrators have huge salaries.

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  3. I’m so ready to start watching sports again. I miss it. I’m a big baseball fan so I enjoy watching their games.


  4. You don’t hear too much about college basketball over here in the UK unless you go looking for it. Didn’t know about G-League. Interesting to know what goes on before someone hits the bright lights of the NBA!

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