The Gift of Vision

Hellen Keller said” the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. What does that mean to you?

I believe that having sight but no vision means remaining unmotivated and refusing to grow as a person. Moving forward is a part of life, and being stagnant isn’t going to help you achieve your goals. Everyone has a purpose for their life, you just to need to find what yours is and capitalize on it.

Society likes to confine people to strict roles and “acceptable” lifestyles, but everyone should learn to follow their passions and never look back. As the saying goes “We only die once, we live every day”.

I don’t come from much. Living in public housing on food stamps is tough. One day there would be a plentiful amount of food, the next day there would be only a handful of things to eat. I live in Harlem, NY where it is a daily battle to survive. My community is filled with crime, drug use, and police brutality.

My dream is to become an NBA player, playing against the top players in the world. Also, to give back to my community, because success is more than personal gain.

I want to see Harlem succeed and do better, not fall further into chaos and disaster. I have this vision because I know change is possible, and I can be the start of that.

Without vision we rob ourselves of our potential and the potential to do good in the world, to follow a purpose bigger than ourselves, and to help others rise to achieve their own visions of change.

30 thoughts on “The Gift of Vision

  1. I really love that quote “we only die once, we live everyday”. It’s not one I see everyday and it makes you think of really doing something for yourself.

    I’ll pray for you to reach your dreams. You may not have the same beliefs as I do but I’ll pray for you either way. Great post by the way, thank you for sharing. 😊

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  2. Amazing post. Believe in yourself and it will happen. One of my favorite quote: Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.(Brad Henry) Good luck.

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  3. So good to be positive like you. On a personal note, my son was given grades for his A levels, and hes gutted. He’s thinking about retaking. We struggle as a family too. You know, I’m going to show him this post of yours, because it’s real, raw, full of positivity and hope. It will, I’m sure, give him the push he needs. Thank-you so much 👍😊

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  4. This was very inspiring! I really resonated with what you said about success being more than personal gain. I couldn’t agree more and constantly feel like I need to do more to help others in order to feel successful. Simply being rich wouldn’t fulfill me. Great post!

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