The Journey Continues On

The things we do live on in eternity. God has a plan for all of us and it might not be clear, but it is there for you to figure out.

Life has changed since the start of the pandemic and it won’t be the same anymore.

Adversity hits everyone and it is how you overcome it that defines who your character.

The comeback will be stronger than the setback!

Nevertheless, Keep Striving for greatness and for Justice!! #Ballislife #Followthejourney #Underratedforlife #FutureNBAPlayer ✊🏿✊🏿💯⛹🏿⛹🏿

15 thoughts on “The Journey Continues On

  1. Javier, yes we are all in this and we all have to do our part and wake up and use whatever was handed to us in 2020 and make the best and build up and go forward. Nothing will come over our path if not meant to be. We will be stronger once all done and dusted

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  2. Yes it’d definitely been a different kind of year. I’ve had many plans canceled and changed. And…I’ve learned new things and found different ways to do things. Hoping we can all move forward and create fresh paths in the year ahead.

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  3. I heard this line from a preacher; A setback is a set up for a greater comeback! Hold on tight everyone, we will get through this. One day, together we will look back on 2020 and smile with joy because we overcome so many hurdles.

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  4. Good luck to you in your journey to the NBA. I played basketball in high school and for a year in college and I know how tough it can be to play and get your school work done. Hopefully your road will be paved with success!

    Great inspirational message.

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