Update from the Visionary

It has been a while since I last wrote a post.

School, Basketball and Social justice issues have taking up my time for the better, as I am VERY passionate about my people, The Black community. I want to see them in a better position then they are in right now.

We deserve better and need better at this moment. This is a lifestyle, not a movement because as an Afro-Latino, my community has already known all the things going on in the world. Everyone else is just know getting a glimpse of what it is like to experience it every single day. Hopefully, I and many others can start the change for that.

Basketball has been great. Although I currently can’t play due to COVID-19, I have been watching and taking notes on how the NBA greats perform at such a high level. I am very excited that sports in general have returned and that LeBron James won his 4th Championship!!! He truly is a Hall of Famer on and off the court.

Y”all better appreciate him while he is still playing because when he retires, you will be sad that you didn’t give him credit while he was still playing.

Life is good and taking it a day at a time. Mental breaks are needed to find your best self and flourish in it. While there are things you can’t control, you can start positive change in your community to see better days ahead.

Life is a journey, not a sprint so we got to do with what we got. It is how we come back from adversity that reveals who we really are in difficult situations.

Stay tuned for more posts, as school has picked up in high gear and I am focusing on the bigger picture going forward.

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13 thoughts on “Update from the Visionary

  1. Even though I live in the UK, and football is our national sport, my sons favourite sport that he plays and watches all the time is basketball. I wish it was as popular here. Nice Post.

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