Javier Sarmiento

This Blog is about motivating people through my basketball expertise and experience. I’m going to detail my Journey to becoming an NBA player and motivational speaker.

 I’m on my way to influence and change people’s lives through Positivity and looking ahead in the future.  It only takes one person to change your life, so I intend to take that responsibility and change the world in any way I can.

 Follow my Journey to becoming an motivational speaker, Sports Journalist, and an NBA player.

NBA is my Dream since Childhood and I’m going to accomplish it with Confidence, Luck, Training, Talent, Timing and Preservance.

Nothing Is Impossible.

I want to leave a legacy for others to look upon and remember to follow in my footsteps.  Where I’m from is Harlem, New York.

Where you’ll find me is on my blog, talking about the journey I’m on to the NBA and ways to live better and be at your best when your best is needed.