The Gift of Vision

Hellen Keller said” the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. What does that mean to you? I believe that having sight but no vision means remaining unmotivated and refusing to grow as a person. Moving forward is a part of life, and being stagnant isn’t going to help you […]

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The voice for the voiceless

My Experience as a minority in my community in New York. I am Afro-Latino and want to see justice served. I want to see my people be able to walk outside without being harassed and targeted because of their skin color. I want to see the police officers who involved in that horrible murdering of […]

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Dream Chasing

Big things are coming, just gotta be patient and trust the Process. Everyday is an opportunity, you have take advantage of it. Somedays will be tougher than others but it is all in the will to fight for what you want!! I will have my Basketball Journey part 2 continued in the upcoming months. It […]

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Work Hard Now, Rest later

 A lot of good things when you grind and don’t settle for less. There is also a time when you can relax because the body and mind needs recovery to perform at its best. The best is yet to come out of you, so don’t deprive yourself of it because it is not worth it. […]

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