Future decisions

I was scrolling through instagram recently, and saw this post. My immediate thought was about college basketball, trying to walk-on into the team with being an unknown player. I see a lot of players from different areas of the world, playing the game at the highest level and I am not where I want to […]

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The start of a movement

Writing, dancing, playing basketball are one of the most important things I enjoy doing. As well as being yourself and not changing the person for a situation. Not being pigeon-holed into doing one thing and not expanding your value. Everyone is unique in their own way and brings something to the table. You don’t have […]

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Undrafted:The NBA Draft

You have worked extremely hard all your life. Sacrifices have been made, and you have accepted it. The early mornings,late nights, Tough workouts,etc. You put your dreams first because it really meant a lot to you. From High school, College, you have done damage in cooking whoever was in front of you. Now, comes the […]

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