Opportunity is a Chance to Shine

 Dissect your excuses and you will find opportunities in abundance.​  keep working because your opportunity is coming. Pressure builds diamonds and can burst a pipe, which one are you ? In order to be successful in your field , you have to be disciplined 100% of the time. Luck is for those who don’t believe, […]

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The Winning Mindset

People like to do the minimum of things, but i do beyond that. Go beyond society’s expectations.   Do You and never Apologize for it. People say i’m obsessed with basketball, that if i have anything better to talk about or do. Well, to be the best you have to be obsessed and i don’t […]

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Failure is not a option

If you’re unhappy about your current situation, don’t complain, moan or blame the world. GRIND. Simple as that. Always follow your dreams, you have control of your life and the keys to happiness. Nothing is impossible and live your life to the fullest. Adversity is a true testament of your character because everyone goes through […]

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The People’s Champ

We all have a story to tell. Good, Bad, things happen for a certain reason. it’s what happens from that point forward that determines events. Your life is a journey and may lead to people talking about later on.  From the greats to the average, something is going to happen and we all are going […]

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