The Hate on Kevin Durant Must End

It’s really hard being a professional basketball player. When you’re a superstar, the stakes are higher and the pressure is intense.  Kevin Durant is a all-time great basketball player.  Since he was drafted 2nd overall in 2007, he’s been nothing but spectacular.   He’s been the rookie of the year, All-Rookie first team, All-NBA first […]

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NBA Season Analysis: Part One

This past NBA season was a great one in my opinion.  There were surprises and excitement.  Of course, there was drama. Overall, it was a great season and one to look back on.  I will name some of the good moments from the season and acknowledge the Award winners from this season.     When […]

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Defy obstacles and challenges

Understandly, there are roadblocks on every corner. You can not be naive and think that everything will be easy and fine. Once you acknowledge that, things has changed. Now, go after your dream and goal.  Don’t listen to the naysayers or doubters. They are not successful as you, and want you to be on their […]

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Things are going to get better

This is going to be a short blog post. Life gives us lemons, you make lemonade. Get Knocked down, Get back up. Work, Grind, Trust the process because it could change your life. Stop doing average things, you’re better than that. Forget the Odds, Statistics and just focus on hard work, Dedication and determination. You […]

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Follow your dream, Not the Fame

Everyone wants to be famous. Literally, people do things that are questionable. I won’t say them because it is self explanatory. Anything career comes with benefits and excitement. But, if you’re interested in just being famous and nothing else, reevaluate why you are doing your job. Do really love what you do or you just […]

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Life comes at you fast

The Saying goes”a picture tells a 1000 words”, well, Smaller information can be powerful. The more you know, the more you grow. Belief is a powerful tool because whenever something goes wrong or not the way you wanted, just keep moving forward and things will get better. Never doubt yourself, you are capable of doing […]

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