The Hate on Kevin Durant Must End

It’s really hard being a professional basketball player. When you’re a superstar, the stakes are higher and the pressure is intense.  Kevin Durant is a all-time great basketball player.  Since he was drafted 2nd overall in 2007, he’s been nothing but spectacular.   He’s been the rookie of the year, All-Rookie first team, All-NBA first […]

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My Journey so Far

I am a college sophomore, headed for graduation in June for my associates degree and then a 4 year out of state school. Currently, I am not on a team or league but that will change soon. Being a first-generation college student is big, mainly because other people don’t get the chance to experience it. […]

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Basketball is a good getaway

Society has the norms we have to abide by, and thats it. If you go against it, you are critiqued and outcasted. There is a certain expectation in mediocrity and staying that way. When you want to achieve higher, you are questioned for having such thoughts. So I am supposed to stay put and not […]

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Start Slow, End Victorious

Stepping stones: ways to bring out the leader in you Passion: Sure joy doing what you love regardless of the opinion of others Certain things can’t be explained that when you are doing something for yourself and community, it comes full circle. Heart: the will to succeed despite the cirumstances against you. I am driven […]

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Work Hard Now, Rest later

 A lot of good things when you grind and don’t settle for less. There is also a time when you can relax because the body and mind needs recovery to perform at its best. The best is yet to come out of you, so don’t deprive yourself of it because it is not worth it. […]

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