Update from the Visionary

It has been a while since I last wrote a post. School, Basketball and Social justice issues have taking up my time for the better, as I am VERY passionate about my people, The Black community. I want to see them in a better position then they are in right now. We deserve better and […]

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The Journey Continues On

The things we do live on in eternity. God has a plan for all of us and it might not be clear, but it is there for you to figure out. Life has changed since the start of the pandemic and it won’t be the same anymore. Adversity hits everyone and it is how you […]

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The Gift of Vision

Hellen Keller said” the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. What does that mean to you? I believe that having sight but no vision means remaining unmotivated and refusing to grow as a person. Moving forward is a part of life, and being stagnant isn’t going to help you […]

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Social change needs to occur because in order to move forward as a society, we have to keep up with the times. Like LeBron said ” A lot of people kind of use the analogy that Black Lives Matter is a movement…… when you Black, it’s not a movement, it’s a lifestyle.” This is not […]

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The voice for the voiceless

My Experience as a minority in my community in New York. I am Afro-Latino and want to see justice served. I want to see my people be able to walk outside without being harassed and targeted because of their skin color. I want to see the police officers who involved in that horrible murdering of […]

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Aj’a Wilson: Certified Bucket

All-around Basketball player. Winner. Certified Bucket. Fierce Competitor. Future Hall of Famer. Since High school, Aj’a has dominated her competition and put herself on the top with her spectacular play. High school: Three time South Carolina Independent Schools Player of the Year/Parade All-American 2013-2014/ Mcdonald’s All-American 2013-2014/ 2014 National High school Player of the Year(WBCA, […]

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The G-League and The NCAA

As of late, Many top basketball recruits announced their plans to play in the G-League. This was a surprise to a lot of people in the basketball community, who expected the players to go to Highly touted college basketball programs. Recently, The NCAA started a plan to allow D1 student athletes to profit off their […]

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Hoopers Dreams

I Collaborated with Spencer Karlson, from Hoopers Highlights. This is a guest post from him. For any young basketball players out there who want to make it to the big leagues, the NBA, the WNBA, don’t give up. If you have a dream you should go for it with all you have no matter what. […]

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