The Hate on Kevin Durant Must End

It’s really hard being a professional basketball player. When you’re a superstar, the stakes are higher and the pressure is intense.  Kevin Durant is a all-time great basketball player.  Since he was drafted 2nd overall in 2007, he’s been nothing but spectacular.   He’s been the rookie of the year, All-Rookie first team, All-NBA first […]

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NBA Playoff Prediction Part 2

  #1 Toronto Raptors vs #8 Washington Wizards The Raptors have the number one seed for the first time in franchise history. They  had a great regular season and now are prepared to make noise in the postseason. Demar Derozan had a great season as usual , along with Kyle Lowry. They are both great […]

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NBA Playoffs are here!

The playoffs are back and there are some great matchups.  #2 Golden State Warriors vs #7 San Antonio Spurs The Warriors are without steph , for the first round of the playoffs. they are the favorites to win the series. the Spurs are without kawhi leonard, their best player. it’s a tough out for them. […]

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No Work, No Return

You got put to in the time. each and every day. In the Hard days, when you don’t feel like it. Or even the easy days, When it feels calm and cool. nevertheless, whatever profession you are in, you got to work hard. There are two types of workers: those who only perform at work, […]

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